What You Should Know About the Different English Tests

Tests usually have a negative connotation among English language learners. However, language tests are necessary, especially for those who would want to study English online.

There are several different types of English language tests available. The type of test you should take would depend on your purpose – why do you need to take the test in the first place, and what do you intend to do with the results? Generally, people usually take English language exams for academic or professional reasons, but an English language exam could also serve various and more specific purposes.

Here are the different English language tests to choose from:

Academic English Language Exams

Suppose you plan to study abroad or take online courses in a university located in an English-speaking country. In that case, you are most likely required to take an academic English language exam. Academic English language exams, such as IELTS (International English Language System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), would measure your ability to understand and communicate in English. Most colleges and universities in North America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand would ask their prospective non-native international students to take an academic English language exam to aid the admissions process and place students in classes or training that would benefit them the most.

Business English Language Exams

Students who are learning English online or at a university are not the only ones who should make the most out of taking English language exams. Professionals in various fields can also take advantage of taking exams to help them advance their careers.

Business English language tests measure one’s proficiency in English communication based on real-life work scenarios, such as telephone conversations, meetings, reports, and business correspondence. In many cases, these exams’ results may determine an employee’s suitability for a specific position or role in the company.

General English Exams

If your purpose for taking an English language exam does not fall under academic or professional, you may consider taking a general English exam. A general English language exam is for less formal situations that would demonstrate one’s ability to communicate in the language. It can provide additional credentials which can help certify one’s level of proficiency. General English language exam results could be used to build one’s resume, career advancement, and internship qualification. For those who are planning to learn English online, taking a general English exam could also help determine which aspect of English you should focus on.

The different English exams would have their corresponding scoring system that would determine the learners’ proficiency levels. Furthermore, various academic and corporate institutions would also have their own set of requirements related to these English exams, so it is best to check online to know which test you need to take.

English Language Exams with Anglia Education

Anglia Education offers Business English Language Exam and General English Exam to all types of learners. 

There are four levels in the Anglia Education Business English exams – Practical Business English, Intermediate Business English, Advanced Business English, and Proficiency in Business English.

Meanwhile, Anglia Education’s General English Exams have ten levels, beginning from the very basic for young learners up until Masters level for more advanced and proficient learners.

Check out the sample papers and listening tests found on the Anglia Examinations HQ website.

To know more information about Anglia Education and how we can help with your English language exam needs, click here.

Whether studying online or looking for ways to advance in their careers, English language learners should not be afraid of taking an English language exam. With the proper preparation and training, you can make the most out of English language exams.


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