The Ultimate Hack: Business English Writing

You are probably reading this because you are stuck at home working, like everyone else in the world! Well, if you are a business-savvy person looking for ways to improve your English communication skills, clicking on this article is a good start!

As an educational organisation that aims to improve the level of personal and professional English language skills of second language speakers all over the world, Anglia Education will give you some insights on how to enhance your English language writing prowess to become the best in your field.

Practice, practice, and practice.

Have you heard of the quote ‘practice makes perfect’? Well, it works! Nobody became an English language expert within a day, and even Shakespeare had to master the language for years! 

To perfect your English writing skill in the business industry try out some of these activities:

  1. Read everyday – Reading is fundamental. Make it a daily habit. Reading a chapter or two of your favourite book, or an article in the newspaper or your favourite entertainment site will help you improve your business writing skills. 

Although reading does not require you to write, it enables you to gather ideas and tips on how to write creatively and effectively.

  1. Learn new words – Having a rich set of vocabulary will make your writing better. Being able to use a variety of words in your emails and presentations means that you are confident and fluent in your thoughts.

You can enhance your English vocabulary by reading your good old dictionary or thesaurus at home. Looking for the definition of uncommon words that you find in your reading materials can also help you build your vocabulary.

  1. Write in your free time – As a business-minded person, every second of the day is very valuable. So during your well-deserved breaks, practice writing! You can bring a journal with you or type down your thoughts on your iPhone notepad.

It doesn’t matter what topic you’re writing about. What matters is that you are writing and honing your skills during your free time. Try it!

  1. Check your mistakes and rewrite – To calibrate your writing skills, you need to correct your mistakes and apply amendments the next time you write. Don’t worry about the amount of mistakes that you’ve made. You can take it as an opportunity to learn so you will be a better writer afterwards.

There are so many free-to-use websites and applications that you can visit on the internet to check your grammatical mistakes. There’s no shame in using them, even professional writers do!

Attend English writing courses online

Age should never slow our learning, no matter how young or old you are, there is always an opportunity to learn. With schools being closed down during the pandemic, there are online learning platforms that you can enroll with to enhance your English writing skills.

Here’s why English online courses are better than the traditional set-up to sharpen your business writing skills:

  1. It’s convenient and flexible – Traditional English classes have a fixed time schedule which can be a problem for working business people like you. Through online education, you can study anytime and anywhere!

Anglia Education’s AI-Powered Courses, for example, offers students over 1200 hours of high-quality, self-study English courses with the help of artificial intelligence. They allow learners to study business English writing among other English courses.

If you want to know more about Anglia Education’s state-of-the-art AI Power Courses, you can check this link.

  1. You can personalise your learning environment – One thing that sets English online learning apart from other learning set-ups is that the learners can create the kind of environment that’s conducive for them.

Do you want to lie in your bed while learning about grammar? With online education, you can! Do you love to learn about the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ in your pyjamas? Through online courses in English, you have the freedom to do so.

Online learning is a set-up that is most conducive for business-savvy people. They can spend time working and learning without compromising their business or studies.

  1. It’s fun and interactive! – Another great thing about attending online classes is that it is full of brain-stimulating activities such as games and interactive videos.

Boredom is never an option when you join a virtual class in English. One good example is Anglia Education. With its team of English language experts, they came up with a variety of English educational content that makes learners have fun and interaction during their classes. 

Speaking of variety, Anglia Education has a digital library filled with over 300,000 textbooks that you can read to expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar and spelling. Wow!

To become an expert in business writing, you need to have the best of both worlds – your readiness AND a reliable English learning provider like Anglia Education.



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