The Ultimate Hack: Excel In Your Online English Classes

It’s good to know that you enrolled in online English classes or are thinking about it! Choosing to strengthen your English language proficiency with online learning platforms like Anglia Education is a big step towards becoming a better English speaker.

Whether you are learning English online for free or taking up a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, you need to have a goal in mind: success.

Now, how can you excel, and take full advantage of an English online course? Here are some tips that you need to apply when taking up your online English classes:

Take it seriously

First and foremost, there’s one misconception that we need to clear up about online classes… they are as legitimate as traditional classes in the classroom! You need to have the right attitude while taking up your online English classes.

As online English courses have become more flexible and accessible than ever, make sure that you study regularly and submit your requirements on time. And although English classes like these take place virtually, you still have to show up during your lessons and treat the course just like a typical learning session.

Time management is the key!

As mentioned above, one of the most amazing things about eLearning is its flexibility. This means that the way you are going to take your online course lies within your hands. Having that much freedom is fun, right? But always remember to make use of your time responsibly.

For organised students, time management is a piece of cake. But if you have issues in organising your time, here are some valuable lessons that you can apply while you are enrolled on any online course:

  • Set some time for your online course(s) – You need to make sure that you’re working on your online course every day. To be organised, allot some time to study, answer questions, and conduct research for your class. It may be an hour or more out of your day but proper time allotment will make your course easier and make studying more enjoyable.
  • Get rid of distractions – Distractions are the primary reason why we can’t finish a task. May it be your favourite gaming console, your cute pet, or your messaging app, eliminate these distractions, and give your precious time to your online class. So always remember, while you’re taking an online English class, turn your devices and electronics off, close your doors if needed, and focus.
  • Create a calendar and/or schedule Time management wouldn’t be complete without your good old (and effective) study calendar/schedule! By reading your class syllabus, you’ll know the future class activities and deadlines for the whole course. Put those in your calendar, and make sure to check it regularly. Doing so will make your learning experience easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Create a conducive learning environment

Online classes give you a chance to make your own learning environment, one that will make you comfortable 24/7. Determine a learning nook that works for you, that may be on your bed, kitchen table, or the gazebo in the garden. Make sure that the place you have chosen is student-friendly.

Having a workspace of your own will make your learning experience satisfying and fun, but what are the things needed as you set up your learning space?

Know your learning style

Every learner has its own unique learning style. According to psychologist David Kolb, our individual and unique learning styles come from our genes, life experiences, and environment. In his theory of learning styles, there are four types of style: the converger, the diverger, the assimilator, and the accommodator. To learn more about Kolb’s fascinating theory, click this link.

As each of us learns differently, knowing about the best way to learn is a big factor in slaying our online classes. It will help you bring out the best in you while undergoing your online English classes. Do you love to learn after midnight? Do it! Do you love to eat fish and chips while studying grammar? That’s fine! Is learning better with pop tunes playing in the background? Do what’s best for you.

Active participation turns to gold

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you will notice one thing: to improve your proficiency in the English language (reading, listening, speaking, writing), you should use the language as much as possible. And what’s the best way to do that? Through online class participation!

Turn your microphones and webcams on, smile, and speak English. You will be shocked at how much it develops your English language skills in no time.

Learning English is fun, especially if you have the right online English course provider like Anglia Education. Learn more about us today.



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