The Time To Learn English As A Second Language – Is NOW!

When is the perfect time to learn English as a second language?

The answer is TODAY!

With the emergence of excellent online learning platforms and alternative learning methods, you have all the opportunities to become a person who can speak, read, listen to and write two languages fluently.

One language is enough, right? You might ask. But there are so many reasons why learning English as a second language is VERY important

We know you’re curious right now, and I can’t blame you. Continue reading as we unveil five reasons why you should enroll in an online English course provider like Anglia Education…

English is the world’s most spoken second language

Of course! Did you know that almost 900 million people use English as their second language? That’s a lot of people to talk to! So imagine the possibilities – if you can speak English fluently.

If you love to travel, knowing how to speak, write, listen to and read English will come in handy whenever you’re ordering food, asking for directions, or looking for tourist destinations. Being an English speaker can take you a long way… in your life and on your trip! 

Learning is better with English

If you have dreams of studying overseas, you’d better start learning English as your second or third language! Why? Most universities and colleges in non-native English speaking nations offer courses in English rather than in their native languages. With that said, having the ability to read, write, and speak in the English language gives you a BIG advantage in the academic world.

In addition, English is the most widely used language in written literature (especially academic literature). So, if you are a researcher, the key to uncovering most of the world’s most valuable discoveries – is through the English language.

Moreover, most universities and academic institutions require their international students to take up English proficiency examinations before enrolling in their schools. So enrolling in English training centres like Anglia Education before studying overseas will be very advantageous for you and taking the Anglia Examinations will also make you a masterful English expert!

Business is better with English

Let’s think ahead. Global business transactions are what we dream of as business-minded people, correct? What’s the easiest way to be the best in the business? The use of the English language, of course.

Do you know why there are only a few jobs that do not require English language proficiency? It is because proficiency in the English language is SO valuable in the technology we are using today. Can you translate the terms “hyperlink”, “solid state drive”, and “CAPTCHA” in your native language? For this reason, learning English as your second language is essential in the business sector.

If you want to get promoted in your job or expand your business dealings to other countries, you will meet people from all parts of the world. How will you understand each other if you are all born with diverse mother tongues? Through the world’s most spoken second language of course – English!

Whether you are a social media manager in the Netherlands, a solo entrepreneur in the Caribbean, or an agricultural systems engineer in the Philippines, you need to make sure that you and your clients understand each other by using a language that both of you know.

Using English in business transactions will help you conquer the world. That’s a guarantee.

Bridging gaps is better with English

The world is separated by borders – geographically, politically, and culturally. Every single day, we strive to make the world better by understanding each other’s differences. With the gaps that act as an obstacle towards globalisation, using English as a second language can be a catalyst for the change we want to achieve.

Diplomats and political leaders are key people who reach out to connect cities, regions and countries, separated by borders, oceans and mountains. This can lead to a language barrier, misunderstanding and miscommunication with one another; this is why world leaders take English lessons to avoid these problems, as seen during United Nations meetings and global agreements and treaties.

For the world to become a global community, the English language converges well with the power of the internet to connect with the people. Learning English as a second language will help you bridge the gaps and build connections with people all over the planet.

Is it too late to learn English?

Here at Anglia Education, we encourage learners of all ages to learn English as a second or third language. With our excellent AI-powered English online courses and accredited English examinations, your future in English is bright and promising.

Enroll and discover your hidden potential. Send us a message today!



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