The Birth Of Anglia Education: Part Two

Did you enjoy “The Birth Of Anglia Education: Part One?” We hope so because it’s now time for number two! Let’s get right to it:

So, having signed a Master Franchise Agreement with Anglia Examinations Worldwide HQ, we said we would press on with marketing and presenting all the benefits the exams could offer, as well as develop our own innovative ideas, products and partnerships – and that’s what we did!

Hong Kong, Macau, China, Outer Mongolia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia are just some of the countries we visited to spread the Anglia message! But how successful was it


The Anglia Exams

Well, Anglia HQ is an institutional member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), EALTA (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment) and will soon join Cambridge Examinations and Trinity London as the only UK members of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe). As such, our Franchise partnership with such a world-leading exam organisation, that has a track record of success and a great reputation, has made it a simple job to encourage people all over the world to learn about Anglia Examinations.

Anglia students studying for their examinations

However, whilst around 100,000 Anglia exams are taken each year in over 50 countries, we want to greatly increase that number. After all, Anglia HQ offers the most complete English as a Second Language system of assessment in the world. 

From ages five  (the “First Step” exam) and above, Anglia has the solution for all students and all levels: 10 General English assessments, four Business English levels, three Teacher Training qualifications, and two Translation assessments.

Sample of an Anglia Advanced and AIM Awards Qualification Certificate in ESOL

In fact, Anglia was the first ESL/ESOL organisation in the world to offer such a gradual step by step system. Others have since followed this model, particularly for General English, however, Anglia Examinations HQ remains the most complete! No other exam board offers students such a gradual opportunity to improve, learn and grow in confidence.

Indeed, Anglia focuses on what candidates can do well, encourages students of all ages and increases their confidence. Unlike most exams, Anglia HQ’s are not to be feared! In fact, we know that once people start them, they never leave! 

Did you know that the Anglia Examinations are accepted by governments all over the world as proof of English proficiency? Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Macau, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Malaysia, Ecuador, Chile, and Greece are just some of the countries in which the government accepts Anglia. Anglia Education has also been working tirelessly to reach MORE countries!

Anglia Education student taking a digital exam using a laptop

Digital Exams

Anglia is definitely a perfect way to show proof of English.

You can use the Anglia HQ certifications in your domestic market – particularly for university entrance, getting a job, and more. Anglia HQ and Master Franchisees have also been working hard to increase the number of UK universities who accept the qualifications. 

However, whilst hundreds already do accept Anglia, that is not Anglia Examinations HQ’s primary target market. Instead, the focus is largely on helping people in their own country to develop, succeed and dream in English!

Nevertheless, many nations are quite remote, such as Outer Mongolia. It can, therefore, be difficult to deliver exam sessions in person. As such, The Chichester College Group has been investing significant time and money to digitise the General English and Business English exams. 

This will allow for remote invigilation and also greater flexibility for companies and governments who want to assess new and/or existing employees in any private or public sector position.

Step To Books

To support the Anglia General English exams and complete syllabus – samples of which are available on our website – Anglia Education also offers the 10 “Step To” training books for sale 

These 10 titles now allow all students to have a framework to work their way towards achieving all of Anglia’s General English assessments – from First Step to Masters. AIM qualifications, have recently invested heavily in improving updating and modernising the Step To publications.

What we have also found, is that schools, training centres and universities have been demanding the use of the Step To books for their own English courses. The publications are an excellent workbook for in-classroom learning. The reason for this is the gradual nature and excellent quality of the resources. The books even include listening exercises and are the perfect way to develop students from pre A1 to C2 on the CEFR. 

If you don’t believe how good the books are, take a look at the Step To samples on our website!

Self-Study Digital Courses & Blended Learning

As you heard in part one of our story, Anglia Education has always wanted to supplement the Anglia HQ exams and books by developing our own innovative ideas, products and partnerships. 

As such, working with a fellow UK company, we now offer over 1200 hours of world-class, bespoke, online self-study ESL/ESOL materials that are used by schools, universities, businesses and governments around the world.  

cause and effect topic being explained on an Anglia Education digital course video

These AI-powered “General English”, “IELTS Preparation” and “Business English” speaking, writing, reading and listening courses not only allow students to study remotely in their free time, but they also give people the chance to receive an approved certificate illustrating their standard of English to their teachers, bosses, colleagues or prospective employers.

We’re not done yet either!

sample of an Anglia Education digital course to improve written communication

These materials use amazing Artificial Intelligence to improve pronunciation too. They are all world-leading products and are written to the international measure of English, the CEFR. We are proud to offer them and they will help any student of English develop their skill set. 

Here’s a tip! We do suggest studying from a laptop and using the laptop microphone to achieve the best results. 

Furthermore, these course materials can not only be used flexibly for (1) self-study but ALSO (2) in tandem with teacher-led instruction. This “blended learning” supports and enhances the self-study element for students in private, corporate or academic study environments. 

government worker excited after getting an Anglia Business English certification

Furthermore, the Anglia Education Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL) course consists of a fully interactive content constructed and developed by University level teachers and educators. 

The TEFL course will take students up to 200 hours to complete and is designed for those who are looking to Teach English as a Foreign Language internationally and/or online in a professional environment. Throughout their study, candidates will learn everything from: creating lesson plans; classroom management; the four components of language learning (listening, speaking, reading & writing); grammar rules; pronunciation; different teaching methods; cooperative learning; traditional learning vs. digital learning. Practical teaching experience will also be provided via online tutoring and/or observation of a teacher in action in a classroom-based setting.

positioning and movement_scaled

Students will be expected to complete readings, assignments, quizzes and self-checks throughout the entirety of the course. Each module will consist of a test, the total of which will be combined to determine a candidate’s final, average, percentage and grade. 

We are so excited about giving prospective teachers all around the world the opportunity to teach. The flexibility of doing it at the comfort of their home makes this even better!

Digital Library

Talking about working from home, Anglia Education offers students and partners the opportunity to access a digital online library of over 300,000 academic, professional and non-fiction eBooks at a discount. You will have unlimited access to these texts for the duration of your subscription with us (monthly or annually)! 

a person reading through Anglia Education’s digital library on a mobile phone

Being appointed as partners by one of the world’s most exciting ed-tech companies, described as “the Spotify for books”, gives Anglia Education users the amazing possibility to explore titles in English, Italian and German, covering more than 500 separate disciplines, ranging from English As A Second Language to Business to Maths to Aeronautics to History to Zoology. 

As our website page shows (inside the “Online Learning” tab), the service is available on both desktop and mobile. Users are able to access titles via their browser on the former or download the app on mobile devices and tablets where it is also possible to download books for offline reading. 

As well as the reading functionality, there are various learning tools, such as the ability to highlight and make notes (as would be possible with a physical textbook) and also automatically generate references for essays/assignments.

two female students happily strolling around Chichester and the Chichester College campus
Study In The UK

We can also offer the opportunity to study in the famous historic city of Chichester, West Sussex at one of the UK’s best and largest Colleges – The Chichester College Group. 

The city of Chichester is just over one hour from London on the train. It is a Roman City with a racecourse, cathedral, local castles and it is also the international headquarters of Rolls Royce. 

CCG offers many study options for and the opportunities presented are not usually as varied and versatile for international students coming to the UK:

an illustration of the Chichester College campus

Our team has been extremely busy and productive!

Our partnership with Anglia Examinations Worldwide HQ and our own R&D means we have world-class products, and offer our b2b partners a great opportunity. We are always looking to find well-connected local (international) partners to connect our products and services with the local customers – kindergartens, private training centres, schools, universities, businesses and governments – and we are very excited about our planned future projects.

We hope our story has inspired some of you to improve your English – with us or elsewhere. An educated world is an informed world!

Ready to begin your ELearning journey?

Find out more about Anglia Education.



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