The Syllabus

The Anglia Complete Guide For Teachers and Students

Handbook For Teachers

Given the level of learning required to go from a beginner, to an expert in English, it is essential to have a clear, concise and complete structure to get there. The Anglia Examinations HQ syllabus allows for that!

We want teachers and students of all levels to feel confident in teaching or taking our exams. As such, our Handbook For Teachers provides every piece of information you could ever wish to know about our exams and what is required, such as: reading, writing, listening and speaking sections; wordlists; grammar and structures; essay questions; marking criteria; vocabulary lists.

Should you wish to supplement this 140 page document with our “Step To” books – you can. Should you wish to develop your own lesson plans from it – you can. Should you wish to use existing textbooks and tailor classes to suit your existing syllabus, but also take the Anglia exams at the end of your course – you can!

The beauty of Anglia is that because our step-by-step method is the most complete English language learning system in the world, it offers end users totally flexibility to work with us! No matter what your school/training centre/business’s situation, we have the solution.