What Is Your English Level?

Take our placement test to evaluate your standard of English.

Placement tests are designed to give students and teachers of English a quick way to assess the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of English writing, reading and listening.

How Will You know Which Placement to Take?

A Lower Level Placement Test is for beginners / early-learner English students with a CEFR level of Pre-A1 (“First Step”) to A1 (“Preliminary”).
Intermediate and Advanced learners who are at CEFR levels A2 (“Elementary”) to C1/C2 (“Proficiency”/”Masters”) should take our Advanced Level Placement Test. 
Both tests are adaptive and will provide a clear measure of your overall English level. 
The Lower Level Placement Test focuses on Reading and Writing ability. The Advanced Level Placement Test focuses on Reading, Writing and Listening standards. For further information on the CEFR and a breakdown of each level, please see the following presentation by EALTA.
placement test levels

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