Learning English Online: AI-Powered or Instructor-Led?

Learning English is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Technology has helped contribute to studying online, and learners all over the world have taken advantage of this technological marvel. Online English courses have made it possible for different types of learners, regardless of their location, to master the language. Especially with the global COVID-19 pandemic still rampant, online learning has become the main medium of instruction.

There are two popular options when it comes to learning English online – AI-powered and Instructor-led courses. Take a closer look at each mode of delivery to see which one will best fit you.

AI-Powered Courses

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest breakthroughs in English online learning technology. AI-powered courses allow learners to study at their own pace, making it a highly flexible option for people who are living a busy lifestyle. AI-powered online English courses can also differentiate their instructions according to the level of the learner. There are also AI-powered courses that can adjust to the learner’s preferred style of learning, whether visual or auditory.

Since learning English in AI-powered courses is self-paced, all the materials, including videos, texts, practice exercises, are readily available for use anytime the learner wants to access them. Students can also choose where they want to study – whether in their bedroom or a cafe. Learning English online through AI-powered courses can be done anywhere the student feels comfortable taking the course. Another great thing about AI-powered online learning is that most of these courses are more affordably priced.

Instructor-Led Courses

The more traditional approach to learning is having an instructor lead the class. Instructors in online learning courses are also in-demand because many students still prefer having a human interaction element, especially when learning English online. Having instructors in a live class allows for immediate feedback from the teacher. However, since instructor-led courses are dependent on a  teacher leading the class remotely in real-time, students may not have the flexible class schedule they desire. The instructor’s teaching style and personality also plays essential roles in student learning. Furthermore, specific technological requirements would also be needed, such as a headset and a highly stable internet connection. Students would also need a dedicated space for learning when attending instructor-led courses, something not all learners would have.

Experience World-Class Online English Courses with Anglia Education

Anglia Education is one of the leading online learning resources for people who are looking for quality, world-class online English courses. Here at Anglia Education, our AI-powered courses are supported by instructor-led classroom sessions, depending on the students’ level and needs. Anglia Education boasts 1200 hours of online English courses, varying from general English classes, IELTS purposes, and business English purposes. Anglia Education’s blended classroom approach (a combination of AI-powered and instructor-led classes) for online learning allows for more specified instructions. Online English courses cover fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, reading, and writing. Furthermore, all of Anglia Education’s English courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference – the worldwide English standard.

Learning English online has never been more accessible and flexible with Anglia Education.


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