Learning English Online: A Guide to English Idioms

Learning English Online: A Guide to English Idioms

Many students who are learning English online find idioms one of the most challenging aspects of the language. Native speakers of the language use idioms, expressions, and sayings all the time as part of their casual conservations, making these phrases an essential part of English. Therefore, to be truly fluent in the language, one must be able to understand and use idioms correctly.

What are idioms?

Idioms are phrases that do not have a literal meaning. Understanding idioms should not be taken word for word, as the words that make up the phrases have little to no relevance to their actual definition. They are considered an example of figurative language and are already part of the cultural understanding of English.

Why should you learn idiomatic expressions?

Many online English courses include idioms as part of their curriculum because of their cultural relevance to native speakers.

Learning different idiomatic expressions and how they are used appropriately can help anyone learning English online boost their fluency in the language. You will be able to understand native speakers better whenever they use those sayings and expressions. Using idioms will also add a native feel to your conversations with others, and can add energy and fun to your conversations.

How can you practice using idioms?

Any English language learner can practice idioms in different ways, either online or in face-to-face conversations. It is important to note that when learning about idioms, one should consider how these phrases are used in the context since we don’t understand them in their literal sense. Therefore, learning and practising how to use idiomatic expressions should always be done in context.

One way to practice using idioms is through casual conversations with native speakers. Hearing native speakers use these phrases in context would help you better understand their meaning. Since these sayings are mostly culture-bound, you could also ask native speakers about the definitions of idiomatic expressions that you find confusing.

Another way to learn how idioms are used is through listening to pop songs. Idioms are so common that many of them make their way to popular music. Songs also provide enough context that will help you understand the meaning of idioms.

Different Examples of Common Idioms

1. Call it a day – to stop working; to end the workday

2. Golden opportunity – an excellent chance

3. Cut to the chase – to get to the point

4. No stone unturned – to do everything possible

5. An arm and a leg – very high cost; expensive

6. Go out on a limb – to extend one’s self

7. An axe to grind – holding a grudge; to have something to complain about

8. Let someone off the hook – to let someone who has been caught go unpunished

9. The elephant in the room – a problem or issue that needs to be addressed but is not discussed properly

10. The last straw – the last in a series of unpleasant events that finally makes you feel that you cannot continue to accept a bad situation

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Learning about the different idiomatic expressions can help any English language learner be more fluent and confident speaking the language.


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