How Reading Can Make Learning English Online Easier

We all know that reading is crucial in learning English online. Here’s how reading can help in mastering the language efficiently and more effectively.

Reading is an essential skill to master when learning English, whether online or in-person. However, many English-language learners overlook reading simply because they find the task too complicated and cumbersome. But practicing the skill has a lot of perks and is often necessary to succeed in mastering the language.

Here are some of the ways reading can make learning English easier:

1. Builds Vocabulary

Think of vocabulary as a depository of all the English words you know, and reading different types of texts helps you deposit more terms in your word bank. We learn how to use English words whenever we read English materials online or on paper. Whenever you encounter an unfamiliar term, you can discover its meaning through a dictionary or with the use of contextual clues. Either way, you can add more new words to your word bank to use when speaking or writing.

2. Strengthens Critical Thinking

There is a reason why world-renowned thinkers and philosophers love to read because reading strengthens one’s critical thinking skills. Learning English online requires students to decode words, analyse and comprehend texts, and one of the most effective ways to develop your critical thinking is through reading.

Since books and other reading materials are written by different authors, exposing ourselves to various texts helps us understand the different opinions and ideas presented in the material. Reading allows us to make judgments and reflect on our thoughts.

3. Familiarity with Idiomatic Expressions and Figures of Speech

One of the common pitfalls of English language learners is understanding idiomatic expressions and figures of speech, simply because they are not taken by their literal meaning. The key to understanding these phrases is their context. As we read more, we can familiarise ourselves with various purposes and proper usage of idiomatic expressions and figures of speech.

If you want to increase your familiarity with idiomatic expressions, reading more literary works and poetry is the way to go.

4. Helps with Different Types of Writing

Pulitzer Prize-winner American novelist Annie Proulx once said, “Reading is the finest teacher of how to write.” This quote is a sound piece of advice because reading and writing go hand-in-hand.

Reading literary texts help improve narrative writing while reading recipes and how-to guides make writing procedural texts easier. Besides improving vocabulary (as discussed earlier), reading also aids in organising our thoughts and classifying information, two critical components of writing. We are also exposed to correct English grammar when writing, which helps us understand the rules much better – a vital skill when learning English online.

5. Improves Spoken Fluency

Don’t think that speaking is not related to reading because these two are very much linked. Reading aloud allows us to listen to ourselves, which helps us practice our pronunciation and fluency. Practising our speaking skills through reading also boosts our confidence when learning English online or using the language in everyday situations.

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Thanks very much for reading!


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