Fun Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

Fun Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

As a leading online English learning platform, Anglia Education’s primary goal is to provide excellent English lessons to anyone who wants to learn English as a second language.

In learning the English language, one of the most valuable skills to sharpen is the development of your vocabulary. Why? It helps to bolster your writing, speaking and reading skills.

Now, everyone wants to have a strong vocabulary (both first and second language English speakers alike), so here are six ways to improve it according to the awesome Anglia Education social team!

  1. Read and read and read and read. Ask any online English learning platform about the most important step to improve your vocabulary and you will get one common response – READ!

Through the process of reading books, magazines, blogs and other materials like Anglia Education’s, you are not only introducing yourself to various unfamiliar words, but are also seeing how these terms are used in the right context.

Isn’t this an “easy peasy” way for you to grow your grammar?!

  1. Your best friends are Mr. Dictionary and Ms. Thesaurus. But these books are too heavy, you might argue! But have you been using online dictionaries and thesaurus apps? With the click of a finger, you can easily learn about the definition of lackadaisical and petrichor, or the antonyms and synonyms for pauciloquent and bumfuzzle. Even if you have been using online dictionaries and thesauruses, use them more! FYI, even the owner of Anglia Education, Tim Hague, didn’t know what petrichor, pauciloquent and bumfuzzle meant!

With the ever-evolving technology that we have, make use of it! It not only helps us become better at the English language, but opens our mind to new words and ideas too. (These apps come in handy during English lessons too!)

  1. Flashcards and word games. Games and fun aren’t just for kids! It’s for anyone who wants to learn in an entertaining and interactive way. We have found this to be incredibly helpful to our Anglia Education English language students. Again, with the availability of apps on our phones, downloading online flashcards and word games is an effortless process. DO IT!

Here are some recommended flashcards and word games for you to download:

  • Wordscapes – a crossword game with word search mechanics. (Available on Android and Apple devices)
  • Words With Friends – a scrabble game you can play with friends. (Available on Android and Apple devices)
  • Vocabulary Miner – a quick and easy flashcards app in building your vocabulary. (Available on Android, Apple, and Windows devices)
  1. Word of the day! Did you know that you can subscribe to Word of the Day feeds and emails? That’s one way to learn a new word on the daily! Also, with the existence of interactive social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (make sure you follow the Anglia Education social accounts for great words and tips for English language learning) your path towards becoming a vocabulary genius is getting easier and easier. Make the most of this opportunity!
  1. Take an English course. Since we are stuck at home waiting for the world to be safer, taking an online English course is the perfect opportunity for you to use that extra time. Anglia Education’s excellent English courses are one way to learn English as a second language from the comfort of your own home, sofa, bed or desk! Remember, the best way to learn anything is when you are having fun – we happen to think our online English courses are more fun than most, but there’s plenty of choice out there!
  2. Speak to friends! Whenever you learn a new word, use it in as many conversations as you can, or whenever you get an opportunity. Being able to use these new words helps your mind become familiarised with them. When the brain becomes familiar with something, it sticks. This is the foundation of all learning, including English learning!

Whether it’s a Zoom call or a good old handwritten letter, take the chance to use your newly-learned word(s). Perhaps you can even comment on an Anglia Education social media post, and find ways to include the new word(s)? By the way, this isn’t an invitation, this is a demand!

SO, did you love our fun ways to improve your vocabulary? The answer is yes we hope! Having an excellent vocabulary helps you rise to the top of the class and to the top of any applicant list for a job. It also makes your written work more concise and understandable. It upgrades your speeches to become more compelling and comprehensible. And most importantly, it advances your English proficiency skills to a higher level. Anglia Education helps with all of these things of course and we hope this blog was helpful! See you again soon!



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