Five Effective Tips To Learn English Online During COVID-19

Young woman taking English lessons online.

How To Learn English Online Effectively.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are stuck at home almost all day, every day. We know how you feel! Many of us often find ourselves bored, with nothing to do but lounge on the sofa or chat with our friends online.

If you’re the type of person who has always wanted to polish their English communication skills, then now is the perfect time to do it! You can make your days more enjoyable, useful, and worthwhile by joining an online class or by signing up for self-study courses with Anglia Education. We have been providing English exams, resources, and education for over 30 years!

Certainly, technology is continuously evolving and education has made remarkable, revolutionary changes over the past decades. Lectures are no longer confined to the four corners of a classroom. Both students and instructors can now connect using technology and the internet in virtual learning systems. 

As such, the team at Anglia Education have come up with the following tips to make your time during the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine become more productive, more engaging, and more fun – by learning the English language online!  

English Study Goals - With Anglia Education

1. Set Realistic Study Goals

There are countless benefits of setting study goals. For one, outlining goals can serve as your impetus – a driving force that will keep you going especially during those times when you don’t feel like studying. 

English is fun to learn, whether in the classroom or online, but it can be a bit tedious for students who are not sure about their real objectives! 

Defining the tasks you need to complete to achieve your study goals keeps you focused. Goal-setting, either for the long-term or short-term, helps you plan ahead, keep track of your step-by-step development, and achieve more in your online learning.

2. Create a Quiet Space for Studying

Having a dedicated spot in your house for e-learning has many benefits. It minimises distractions, improves your concentration, helps you easily recall information, and keeps you focused! Even if you are learning an online course in the comfort of your own home, it’s best for you to do this in a space solely created for studying. 

Remove anything that may divert your attention such as the television and your smartphone (we are guilty of using our phone too much too!) and close any web browsers in your laptop that are not related to study. Doing all these will set limits for you and keep you focused on your virtual classes.

3. Actively Take Notes

If this is your first time learning the English language, you may feel overwhelmed with information -that’s understandable, don’t worry. By actively making notes, you get to break down information into little pieces, making it a lot easier for you to grasp key ideas and concepts.

Effective note-taking not only improves your attention to detail but it also keeps your mind engaged! Jotting down notes during your online English class can promote active learning, extend attention span, and boost comprehension. 

You can simply grab a notebook or search online for an app that you feel comfortable using and start organising your ideas. 

Immerse yourself into Learning the English Language Online

4. Immerse Yourself in the English Language

It is one thing to understand English grammar and vocabulary. It is totally different to communicate like a native English speaker.

Learning this universal language can be a whole lot easier and less complicated if you can surround yourself with it.

Make this foreign language part of your daily routine even though you’re just at home because of the novel coronavirus. For instance, you could try conversing with family or chatting online with friends in English. 

If you love writing, you could start a journal or diary in English. While you’re doing household chores, listen to an English podcast or radio show. To keep up with current news and trends, read online newspapers or magazines in your free time. Subscribe to Netflix for your favourite British or American tv series or simply watch English videos on Youtube.

5. Make Technology and the Internet Your best friend

Enrolling in online classes means interacting in a digital environment. Familiarise yourself with Dropbox and Google Drive in case you need to make notes or your online teacher requires you to submit files through these cloud storage services. Search for ebooks or PDF files that are relevant to the English language or the topics you’ve been studying, and download them in your smartphone or laptop. 

Take advantage of the internet: download online English dictionaries and check out facts and information from Wikipedia. The list goes on! Making the most of modern technology can do wonders when you have assignments or projects to work on. 

Ensure you make the most out of modern technology even in the midst of a global crisis too! Don’t let this pandemic stop you from being productive. Taking our highly-effective tips into consideration won’t turn you into a perfect English communicator in an instant, but it will definitely help you in your online learning and set you on the way to success!

Ready to begin your ELearning journey?

Find out more about the wonderful benefits of online learning with Anglia Education.



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