200-Hour Advanced TEFL Course


Anglia Education: TEFL Online Course & Qualification

The Anglia Education Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification consists of a fully interactive digital course constructed and developed by University level teachers and educators.

The CPD Certification Service and is approved by our partners, Anglia Examinations, an internationally renowned ESOL exam board of 30 years, which is owned by one of the UK’s largest and most respected higher-education providers, The Chichester College Group.

This qualification will take students around 200 hours to complete and is designed for those who are looking to Teach English as a Foreign Language internationally and/or online, in a professional environment.

Throughout their study, candidates will learn everything from: creating lesson plans; classroom management; the four components of language learning (listening, speaking, reading & writing); grammar rules; pronunciation; different teaching methods; cooperative learning; traditional learning vs. digital learning. Practical teaching experience will also be provided via online tutoring and/or observation of a teacher in action in a classroom-based setting.

Students will be expected to complete readings, assignments, quizzes and self-checks throughout the entirety of the course. Each module will consist of a test, the total of which will be combined to determine a candidate’s final, average, percentage and grade.

<65% = Refer

65-74% = Pass

75-84% = Merit

85%+ = Distinction

If, on completion of our course, candidates fall below the necessary 65% pass mark, they will have one more opportunity to retake sections to raise their grade. We will never inform students on which answers they previously got right or wrong. They will however receive feedback on their % score for each module – thereby indicating the areas in which they must improve.

Our commitment is that we will not/do not make this course easy on our candidates for the purposes of good marketing. This qualification is designed to develop TEFL students so any school or organisation in the world, offline or online, will receive an adequately trained and qualified teacher. If candidates devote the time and the dedication, they will be able to pass the Anglia Education TEFL with flying colours!

There will also always be tutors to help students through the course and they will receive information on how and when to use this support. It can be hard to keep up with all of the course requirements if candidates have a job or haven’t studied for some time. If they have no experience in teaching, it can also be a lot of information to digest. As such, candidates will have up to 365 days to complete the course and are advised to work at their own pace. They are also advised to work through the course regularly and consistently. If students have the time and are prepared for the work and effort that will go into studying, then they can feel comfortable and excited about signing up and joining us.

TEFL training is by and large an unregulated industry. The key problem being that there is no single official accrediting body governing TEFL courses in operation worldwide. Instead, there are dozens of so-called TEFL “accreditation bodies”, who (1) seem to offer some level of quality assurance and a way to separate quality TEFL courses from their substandard counterparts. However, (2) most of the TEFL course accreditors listed online are privately operated businesses and (3) offer little in the way of legitimising a TEFL course in the eyes of prospective employers overseas. What makes the whole notion of TEFL accreditation even murkier is (4) the fact that many courses will go as far as creating a fraudulent accrediting company to give their course a false veneer of legitimacy.

We are clearly different. Our partnership with CPD and Anglia Examinations, ensures our TEFL qualification is accredited and approved by world class organisations with an international reputation for educational excellence. We have produced one of the finest TEFL courses in the world and the approval mentioned supports this.

Our TEFL qualification is also reasonably priced at £600* and includes (1) the online self-study course and (2) tutor support mentioned, as well as (3) regular Q&A classes and videos, (4) practical classroom experience in a digital setting, (5) an initial digital certificate, and (6) a printed certificate couriered to the candidate/their employer/their University.

*Couriered postage outside of the UK is not included in this price and will come at extra cost*

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Course Includes

  • 110 Lessons
  • 148 Topics
  • 19 Assessments