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As the corresponding image shows, Anglia Education offers an unrivalled English syllabus & system of assessments for children, adults, businesses, teachers & translators.

All of our content is written to the international measure of language competancy, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language).

All leading English language assessments, such as IELTS, are also written to the CEFR.

For Teachers Of English

Certificates for International Teachers Of English​​ "C.I.T.E. Very Young Learners" to "C.I.T.E. Senior"

Translation Assessments

"Certificate In Applied Translation (C.A.T.)" & "Diploma In Applied Translation (D.A.T.)"

Business English Levels

"Practical English" to "Proficiency In Business English"

General English Exam Levels​

"First Step" to "Masters"

Business English Exams

General English Exams

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Guided Learning Hours

A common misconception about learning a second language is that it can be done by short-term, intense periods of study. This is wrong!

Learning to read, write, speak & listen in English takes time, patience and a step-by-step method.

Here at Anglia Education, we believe it may take some students up to 1200 hours to be truly fluent & accomplished in English; it’s why we build our students’ confidence, knowledge and skill from a young age.

Gradually, with our online & offline methodology, our candidates surpass all of their expectations.