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Our A.i. Powered Courses

Anglia Education offers over 1200 hours of world-class, self-study, English courses, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). These products perfectly supplement our General English and Business English exams since the courses are all written to the same worldwide standard of English, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

We provide (1) General English, (2) IELTS preparation and (3) Business English solutions which cover the four necessary areas of English study – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our artificial intelligence even helps with pronunciation.

Since the CEFR scale begins at pre-A1 level and goes all the way to C2 level, you can see that our complete list of course topics is varied, and provides something for all learners, particularly those aged 11 or above:

But wait, there's more!

We offer four packages for students, using a combination of the above courses. 

Package 1

*General English Starter .
*General English For Fluency Pronunciation Practice.
Vocabulary Master.

Package 2

*General English For Fluency.
Pronunciation Practice.
IELTS Listening & Reading.
IELTS Writing.

Package 3

IELTS Listening & Reading.
IELTS Writing.
Academic English.
Vocabulary Master.

Package 4

*Business English Speaking.
Business English Writing.
Reading Kit.
Vocabulary Master

For your reference, courses with an * next to them also have lesson plans. This allows for blended classroom learning to support the AI powered courses. This gives schools / private training centres / businesses / governments, the option to have classroom lessons too.

Price Plans To Suit You

The above packages are all self-study materials, so students can study from their laptop anytime and anywhere. 

We really do recommend studying from a laptop and using your computer’s microphone to achieve the best results.

Pay Per Term

Get access to our AI powered courses per term
(16 weeks)
£ 275 + VAT
  • 16 Weeks Access

Pay Per Year

Get access to all the AI powered courses for a full year (52 Weeks)
£ 675 + VAT
  • 52 Weeks Access

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