About Anglia Education

The Turnkey English Learning, Educational & Examination Provider

Who Are Anglia Education?

We are an educational organisation that improves the English levels of second language speakers, students, and businesses, through a variety of online and offline products and services.

As well as our own products and services, we are also an international partner of The Chichester College Group who own Anglia Examinations Worldwide HQ

Anglia Education and our partners share a step-by-step approach to learning and testing that challenges, motivates and encourages students to fulfil their potential. 

Anglia Education also offers AI powered self-study courses, access to a digital library of over 300,000 books and a TEFL course and qualification. 

We also work with kindergartens to provide video teaching by UK based teachers, and also have printed learning materials for early years English students. Furthermore, we offer a thorough three-year IELTS preparation course – which is delivered online by our own teachers.

Anglia Education’s founder is former BBC Host Tim Hague. Our shareholders include a former FTSE 100 CEO, a Professor Emeritus from Manchester University, a Dean of Regent’s University, London and an Associate Dean from Surrey University.

We have both British and Chinese shareholders and our major business is on the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets.

Previous Work

Anglia Education’s sister company, ChitChatCrew, previously established a not-for-profit mini-app in the world’s largest English learning market, China. 

It was built inside China’s most popular app, WeChat, and helped thousands of students to improve their spoken English, pronunciation, and their cultural understanding of the West.

However, there remains a need in China and in the rest of the world, for high quality, fairly priced, English language assessment, preparation and guidance – at multiple levels. 

This is what Anglia Education does through its exams, books, AI powered self-study courses and the variety of other services we offer. 

Our Executive Board

Tim Hague

Company Founder &
Former BBC Broadcaster

Angela Spindler

Former FTSE 100 CEO,
Including Debenhams & N Brown

Professor Michael Luger

Dean of Manchester University
Business School

Professor Yu Xiong

Associate Dean International of Surrey University

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