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We Aim To Build Confidence, Knowledge and Skills To Provide Personal and Professional Development In English.

Anglia Education Example Services

We are a B2B educational organisation that improves the English levels of second language speakers, students and businesses through a variety of online and offline products and services.

We provide progressive, high quality and inclusive English Language learning and training that is both offline and online in nature. We work both internationally and here in the UK.

Classroom Training

We provide in-person English language training across multiple locations with in-person teachers or a mixture of in-person assistants and online teachers. 

Course Materials

We have developed several hundred hours worth of lesson plans for all levels of the CEFR – in both General and Business English. We also offer our own printed resources for kindergartens.

Self Study Courses
Powered By A.I.

Your English study can be supplemented by 1200+ hours of online, AI powered materials.

Online Training

We provide online training into classrooms, kindergartens and directly to students at home. We work with pupils from the age of 3+.

TEFL Training &
Study Abroad Trips

We offer a TEFL training course and the opportunity to study abroad in the UK – for both teachers and students.

ELearning Tech

Through our collaboration with a world-leading ELearning firm, we are able to offer a digital library of over 300,000 academic textbooks.

How Might You Work With Us?

Private Language Centres

All aspects of a student's English education can be catered for from the age of three years old.

Schools & Universities

We support students of all ages & abilities and provide assessment solutions to schools and universities.


Remote training and assessments of employees in General and Business English.


Governments can offer staff training and implement our curriculum within the state sector.


We began our business back in 2017, when we initially offered English language pronunciation training to users in China – through a mini-app inside of WeChat. That operation evolved into a full suite of training for General English, Business English, English For Special Purposes and much more. We also recruit teachers and have recently committed to a full summer school in the Middle East.

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Guided Learning Hours

A common misconception about learning a second language is that it can be done by short-term, intense periods of study. This is wrong! Learning to read, write, speak & listen in English takes time, patience and a step-by-step method.

Here at Anglia Education, we believe it may take some students up to 1200 hours to be truly fluent & accomplished in English; it’s why we build our students’ confidence, knowledge and skill from a young age.

Gradually, with our online and offline methodology, candidates can surpass all of their expectations.

Anglia Education Provides A Wide Range of Learning Services

Letter blocks as a game-based learning concept