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Through our own products and our international partnership with The Chichester College Group (the owners of Anglia Examinations Worldwide HQ), Anglia Education Provides Progressive, High Quality, Fair and Inclusive English Language Learning, Assessment and Services that are both offline and online in nature. 

English Exams
& Qualifications

Anglia Examinations HQ‘s suite of English assessments are accredited by the UK’s exam regulator, OFQUAL.

"Step To" Books & Syllabus

The General English exams offered are supported by 10 associated student and teacher workbooks.

Self Study Courses
Powered By A.I.

Your English study can be supplemented by 1200+ hours of online, AI powered materials.

Online Exams
& Placement Tests

Online assessments are also offered. Students can identify their base level of English using a placement test.

TEFL Training &
Study Abroad Trips

We offer a TEFL training course and the opportunity to study abroad in the UK – both teachers and students.

ELearning Tech

World-leading ELearning technology, including a digital library of over 300,000 academic textbooks.

Who Do We Work With?

Private Language Centres

All aspects of a student's English education can be catered for from the age of four or five years old.

Schools & Universities

We support students of all ages & abilities and provide assessment solutions to schools and universities.


Remote training and assessments of employees in General & Business English.


Governments can offer staff training and implement our curriculum within the state sector.

History & Heritage

The partnership with Chichester College (CCG) and Anglia HQ means we can offer an exceptional, comprehensive & structured programme of English language training and assessment. 

The Roman city of Chichester, England, is one of the UK’s most historic and has been home to Chichester College since 1964, and the home of Anglia HQ since 1993.

Represented Globally

CCG and Anglia HQ has representatives all over the world, supporting learners all throughout the world.

From Chile to Cyprus, Italy to Indonesia and London to Singapore, Anglia HQ’s resources offer a complete English solution.

Please contact Anglia HQ  for more information or contact us directly and we will re-route you to the correct Master Franchise owner in your territory.

The Anglia Exams Explained

As the corresponding image shows, Anglia Examinations HQ offers an unrivalled English syllabus and system of assessments for children, adults, businesses, teachers & translators.

All content is written to the international measure of language competency, the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language).

All of the leading English language assessments around the world, such as IELTS, are also written to the CEFR.

General English Exam Levels

“First Step” to “Masters”

Translation Assessments

“Certificate In Applied Translation (C.A.T.)” & “Diploma In Applied Translation (D.A.T.)”

Business English Levels

“Practical English” to “Proficiency In Business English”

International Teachers Of English Certificates

“C.I.T.E. Very Young Learners” to “C.I.T.E. Senior”

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Guided Learning Hours

A common misconception about learning a second language is that it can be done by short-term, intense periods of study. This is wrong! Learning to read, write, speak & listen in English takes time, patience and a step-by-step method.

Here at Anglia Education, we believe it may take some students up to 1200 hours to be truly fluent & accomplished in English; it’s why we build our students’ confidence, knowledge and skill from a young age.

Gradually, with our online & offline methodology, candidates can surpass all of their expectations.

Anglia Education Provides A Wide Range of Learning Services

Letter blocks as a game-based learning concept